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About Us

We are a team of assessment and education experts who develop qualifications and certificates that help people demonstrate their skills and abilities.

Our advanced online testing platform allows us the flexibility to develop and administer assessment solutions for a wide range of skills, industries, and purposes. We specialize in the assessment of language skills and workplace skills.

Burlington VTest has been used to assess thousands of candidates in over 15 countries.

Our tests are being taken by thousands of candidates in over 15 countries.

Burlington VTest offers multiple proctoring options to suit your needs.

Burlington VTest can be taken any time, anywhere, from any device. 

Candidates receive immediate feedback – results are delivered on the same day, or within 48 hours if a human review is needed.

Burlington VTest is GDPR compliant.

Burlington VTest is web based. No plugins or downloads are required. Integration options are available.

Burlington VTest English Proficiency and Certification

A new generation of English proficiency assessment and certification

Burlington VTest English is a computer-based adaptive test correlated to the CEFR, US standards and existing standardized English language tests like TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS and others.

Burlington VTest offers a multilevel test measuring all four English skills in different combinations to suit our customers’ needs.

Each candidate receives a detailed score report and a certificate, demonstrating their general CEFR score, a score per skill, points to work on and a verbal description of their abilities and skills.

2 Skills
3 Skills
4 Skills
Add a professional module to your assessment
Burlington VTest English for Schools

English Proficiency Test for Kids, Teens and Young Adults

Burlington VTest is revolutionizing the K12 English language assessment market with quality, flexible, and cost-effective assessment solutions which can be trusted by K12 stakeholders – learners, teachers, parents, and policymakers.

Our exams are user-friendly and activity-based, helping students stay focused and motivated.
We offer our learners an objective way to assess their skills and abilities and get the feedback that will help them improve their skills while enjoying the ride.

Burlington VTest for Schools packages are priced at €80 for a standard exam and €100 for a proctored one, available in two versions, depending on the age of the students (7-10 and 11-15).



Questions gradually increase in difficulty. The test stops at the learner's level.

Feedback Oriented

Feedback Oriented

Each student is provided with a score report and a certificate of achievement.

Success Oriented

Success Oriented

We design our tests to give learners confidence and help them enjoy the testung experience. Students can't fail!



All 4 skills can be taken at once, or seperately. Creating different combinations of the skilld is also an option.
Burlington VTest Open Exam Builder

Create and deliver your own exams using the Burlington VTest
Open Exam platform

Use our unique Open Exam Builder to create, administer and score your own exams.

  • Create new exams including your questions, scoring and certificates
  • Deliver your exams using our online or on-site proctoring solution
  • Add a video and writing interview to your own exams

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